Buying Guide For Laser Tube Cutter

Buying Guide For Laser Tube Cutter

The process and methods used to cut structural shapes, tubes, and other channels are called laser tube cutting. A laser tube cutter is a machine that helps to do this task efficiently. If you’re considering buying a laser tube cutter, there are several things you should keep in mind before making the final purchase. These factors include the price, cutting range, and the type of laser. You should also consider operating costs and other features. This guide can help you find the best product for your needs.

Cost of a laser tube cutter:

The cost of a laser tube cutter depends on its quality and features. The lower-end models cost about $50,000, while the higher-end models can cost as much as $170,000. Prices vary depending on the amount of cutting power required and the thickness of the material to be cut. A professional machine with a 3,000-x-12,000-mm cutting bed can set you back more than $75,000, while a dual-purpose machine can cost $42,500 to $122,000.

Types of lasers:

Lasers are a great choice for tube cutting. This technology offers many benefits, including a small heat-affected zone, high cutting speed, excellent flexibility, and minimal tool wear. CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) laser cutting machines can be configured to create unique surfaces, which can be a great advantage.

Tube laser cutting is not appropriate for all manufacturers or projects, however. CO2 lasers require significant power and are not as efficient as fiber lasers. They also require additional floor space and are, therefore, not as suitable for all applications.

Cutting range:

The operator must choose the correct machining path and reference point when using a tube laser cutter. The numerical control system will record the feed condition for each axis and the reference point’s coordinate and will generate a machining program using linear or circular interpolation functions. Optimal beam focus is crucial for effective cutting efficiency and cutting effect.


When purchasing a laser tube cutter, the warranty is meant to help you extend the life of the tube. If you handle the cutter carelessly or incorrectly, the warranty may not apply. To avoid voiding the warranty, ensure that you store the device in a cool place and do not overdrive it. In addition, avoid using acetone, which will damage the output window. A proper water chiller is also required to keep the laser cool.

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