How To Keep Condos Spacious

How To Keep Condos Spacious

One way to maximize space in your new condo developments in Toronto is to hide clutter. Books, DVDs, and other visual clutter take up space. Visual clutter can make your condo look cluttered and claustrophobic. Avoid visual clutter by choosing furniture with built-in storage. Platform beds, for example, feature storage underneath the frame. Avoid using bulky furniture like sofas and loveseats that don’t serve multiple purposes. You can also make your space appear spacious by using furniture with multifunctional purposes.

Vertical space is the most efficient way to achieve this goal:

Using vertical space is one of the best ways to maximize a condo’s space. By utilizing the space above and below, condo owners can make the most of the available floor space and present a more open look. To maximize space, hang shelves or use wall decals to create custom storage solutions. These methods are both affordable and highly effective. Besides, condo owners have the freedom to customize their solutions to suit their tastes.

Storage solutions:

If you’re a property manager, you’ve probably noticed that one of the most common requests from your tenants is more storage space. You can offer tenants a variety of options when it comes to storage space, and this can set your property apart from your competition. Most tenants want storage space for their everyday belongings as well as a space to store seasonal items. If your tenants don’t have enough space to store their things, they’ll rent out storage units off-site.

Neutral color palette:

While you might not be able to escape colored furniture, you can make a small space seem larger by choosing a neutral color palette for your walls. Neutral colors also make your furniture blend in with the surrounding area, so they won’t be noticed by small children and pets. Also, keep colorful accents in the form of artwork or decorative accessories. You can also choose to add a bold color like red or orange to the walls.


Placing mirrors in an area where there are no windows will make it look larger. Place them opposite the windows to maximize their effect on the space. If you’re trying to make a smaller space appear larger, mirrors should be positioned opposite windows to avoid reflections. Similarly, a mirror near a window will create an opposite effect, making the space feel smaller than it is. In condos without windows, the opposite effect can be achieved by placing the mirror next to a window.

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