Tattoo Needle Cartridges – Which Are the Best?

Several different brands make tattoo needle cartridges but Kwadron cartridges are known for their durability. Each one of these brands produces tattoo needles for different machines. In the end, the best choice will depend on your personal preferences. Below are our top choices for each brand. The following is a list of what we recommend for different tattoo machines. Make sure you check out our reviews before buying.

Craft tattoo needle cartridges:

Craft Tattoo needle cartridges are made with disposable medical plastic tips. Craft Tattoo needles are made with the same quality and safety features, including a single mold and patented safety membrane. These needles are safe to use and feature easy change and replacement systems. With a single mold and medical plastic tips, Craft tattoo needles offer the highest level of safety in the tattoo industry. Whether you’re looking for high-quality needles for your next tattoo, Craft Tattoo Cartridges are the answer.


If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of Autdor tattoo needles, then read on! These needles have 316-grade stainless steel tips, clean soldering, and excellent control. You can purchase a single needle or purchase a full kit of 50 pieces. The needles are packaged in blister packs, and each blister pack contains five needles. They are all sterilized with EO gas and feature sharp tips, making them ideal for tattooing. These tattoo needle cartridges work with most common tattoo machines, including those with coiled needles.


There are many reasons why you should choose VIPER tattoo needle cartridges. Not only are these tattoo needles of the highest quality, but they are also universal, which means they will work with most rotary tattoo machines. Plus, they have less tension than other brands, so your machine will run more smoothly. They also have a medical silicone membrane, so the ink will not backflow. So, you can feel confident you’re getting the best possible tattoo.


The Stigma EN05 Series Tattoo Needles are disposable needle cartridges designed by tattoo artists. Each one is 304 surgical stainless steel and made of medical-grade plastic. They are sterilized, packaged in blister packs, and designed with the tattoo artist in mind. The Stigma Tattoo Needles are available in five different sizes for the most common tattoo designs. To ensure safe tattooing, each needle is E.O. sterilized and designed to ensure a clean and precise tattoo.

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